Lamis Deek, An Attorney Fighting for Human Rights

Lamis Deek is an Attorney and Human Rights Advocate and masters the art of handling matters that is related to the Arab Community. Born in Palestinian, Lamis Deek’s started her interests in the area with a prime attention on the Palestinian issues and later started to keep a crucial notice on the legal issues at grassroots level for Arab related matters in domestic and international level.

Lamis represents Arab & Muslim Community Members, Activists and Organizers in investigative Defense and was Counsel to… Sheikh Mohamed Al Moayad.

Lamis Deek is associated with the following:

· Member of the National Lawyers Guild

· Board member of CAIR-NY.

· A long time member and co-chair of Al-Awda, NY.

· Member of the Arab Muslim American Federation

· Founder of BLS-Muslim Law Students Association

· Co-Founder of the US Palestine Community Network

Her profile gets more highlighted with her intensive co-operation in organizing Delegations to Palestine including a Lawyers Delegation that witnessed Military Tribunals. This also documented the plight of Palestinian Political Prisoners in 2007.

The Deek Lamis Law Offices situated in Brooklyn, New York is a private company categorized under General Practice Law Office.

Report shows that the company has annual revenue of less than $500,000 and employs a small team approximately from 1 to 4.

Deek Lamis Law Offices specializes in the following areas of specialization:-

· Green Card Law

· Divorce Law Firm

· Marital Law and Lawsuits

· Accident Lawyer

Office Address:-

Deek Lamis Law Offices
7111 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209